Bicycle fun, my planned fixie build

June 11, 2007 at 12:09 pm 1 comment

my raleigh international

This is my old beater, and like Greg said when he gave it to me- it’s a thoroughbred. I assumed that with the distinctive lugging it would be easy to identify, what I did not know is luggs are components and shared among many bike builders. I joined a web forum and found out with their help it is most likely a 1974 Raleigh International.

After talking to Cody and Lucas here in College Station I just ordered some parts to convert this oldie into a streamlined fixed gear commuter, more details below…

First of all I am not sure how much this conversion is going to entail, but for now I have wheels and a new fork on the way, along with some other small items. The wheels are a bit smaller than the 27 inchers it has now (700C) so the current front brake will not reach the rim- hence the new fork. Yes I will have a front brake, but none in the rear. The front sprocket may work, so I am going to try that first. The bike is a ten speed and the smaller sprocket is 43 teeth which will be matched with a rear gear at 15 teeth. The larger front sprocket will get 86’ed and with shorter sprocket screws I will keep the thing together. The hub is a flip flop in case I need freewheel capability, everyone I have talked to said don’t buy the sprocket (freewheel) yet because I may not need it after going fixed- and there seems to be some available for that same reason.

The fork geometry and old school head tube may require a hack saw to make it work (hacking done on the fork not the frame!) along with perhaps some hardware changes. The alignment of the chain needs to be straight so this may make salvaging the original sprocket difficult. For all these reasons I opted to have Bryan at Aggieland to do the work for me, he is experienced in this stuff, but busy so it may be a couple weeks before it is all done.

Couple of little things; I will install toe clips, I hear slipping a peddle with fixed gears is kinda like getting you leg caught in a blender. Not sure what I am going to do with the handle bars, the foam has to go but other than that not quite sure. The campy Sakae aluminum looks pretty nice where it is visible, after getting the foam off I can see if I want to wrap it and how to adjust the angle. I will post an update on the progress later.


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Isn’t it Ironic? The Purple Particle

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  • 1. lucas  |  June 12, 2007 at 2:19 am

    Hi Bert.
    No need to hacksaw anything (in regards to the frame/fork). Yes, I agree–Brian Firle knows what he is doing!! If you need a slim brake lever/and brake I have one for you to purchase for cheap (unless you already ordered one through Aggieland) however, I am pretty sure that you will not be needing one once you start getting the hang of it. I am happy to hear that you will be joining the fixie club, and we will be contacting you in all of our Theme Bike Rides! Good luck, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Lucas


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