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Exhaust install

Santa flew in from England a little early this year. My wife asked what was wrong with my current stock exhaust, umm nothing. What is special about this one? Bigger pipes, better flow, more power! Basically a xmas gift to myself. Below is a dry fit of the pieces, and a close up of one of the tips. As you can see a nice bit of craftsmanship.


I first picked up the car and set it on four jack stands. I did  not notice until I was under the car but one of the stands was not even touching the car- the MINI is very stiff. This is a 2010 MINI Clubman S, or R55. The exhaust is a Milltek I picked up from Way at Way Motor Works . He is always very helpful with suggestions on replacement and repair of this vehicle. I pulled off the old system without much trouble. What wore me out the most was undoing the rubber hangers. I took the rears off by first removing the brackets from the car body to get better leverage. Once the rubber was off the old muffler hanger I put the clamps back on but did not tighten them, although I could have it would not have made much of a difference. There is a center bracket that needed to come out, I added WD-40 to everything first, the rubber especially.

Getting the exhaust in place did not take long at all. I kept everything loose while I jostled everything as best I could. I did not add any anti-seize or sealant between the joints. I debated with myself about this for a while, it would have made a good lubricant. Perhaps I should have added anti-seize in the event of returning to the stock pipes. With my floor jack I lifted the split section tight to the bottom of the car and centered as best I could then tightened the clamps. The supplied clamps are very good. If I were to do it again I would buy a new clamp to attach to the downpipe which was not included. Fortunately mine was not too corroded.

The sound is slightly lower/deeper than stock, but not loud. They also sell and un-resonated version which is supposed to make more noise, but this IS a daily driver! I have only put a few miles on it and seems to rev more quickly and slightly improved acceleration. I will update with more data as it is generated.


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Rainbow Arabia “Omar K” video sweetness

This is an odd one, @brandonnn tweeted this- had to spread it around just too unique not to.

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Shenandoah Davis with We Camera

I ran into this via Fubulist thanks to Amanda Palmer, I have not posted in ages but this has all the goofy quirky stuff I enjoy and like to spread around.

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Manu Chao Politik Kills

Manu Chao video

Manu Chao Politik Kills

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Bike update, new frame fork and drive train.

front view 1

Well I went off the deep end and bought a new track frame, so the fixie has been upgraded big time. New drive train: now 1/8″ Izumi ESH chain and added a Sugino 75 crank and bottom bracket, Dura ace cog, I went with a Campy record headset, all the Japanese stuff is njs spec. Yeah I know, what for? well because I can. The njs frame will have to wait until… I dunno. More photos HERE.

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Austin City Limits

[rockyou id=84310108&w=426&h=320]

What a fun show, lots of dancing in the heat- totally worth it! It took a while to park walk over and get through the gate, but once in it was time to enjoy a bunch of music. We listened to a couple songs by Peter Bjorn and John, then made it to Blonde Redhead- wow! Wonderful stuff, I was dancing till they finished and LCD Sound System started a bit after. LCD Sound System was the most fun I have had at a concert in a very long time, excellent! After them all the rest paled. I love Spoon, they sounded great- music is top notch. Gotan Project was also nice we even tried to dance, those three piece suits must have contributed to the lack of energy and the pre-recorded rap was unnecessary. Bjork, well it’s Bjork she may or may not have some new fans, she closed really strong after a brief delay because a speaker caught fire. A fire was put out as we were trying to get in also, a fairly big one. Over all a great day in the sun, and yes the chairs and people camped out everywhere were a pain in the ass but we managed to weave through.
Go here LINK to see more photos.

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Spoon video with dancing robots- "Don’t you evah”

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