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Barack:Hillary Luke:Darth Vader

This is pretty funny, watch the battle for the Democratic nomination ala Star Wars.


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Watch Bush’s War online

bush war

The story we have lived is detailed in this two part Frontline program.

Here is the link: FRONTLINE: Bush’s War

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Indiana Almost Legislated Pi; 111 years ago

I was on /. and ran into this gem:
Slashdot | 111 Years Ago, Indiana Almost Legislated Pi
Indiana, a nice place with great people was smart enough to avoid legislating the value of pi. The bill proposed 111 years ago said something like “The ratio of the diameter and circumference is as five-fourths to four,” or pi is the “new mathematical truth” of 3.2; why would a politician get involved? Because they were going to charge royalties to use this new truth! The whole story is here “Indiana Pi”. So why did the bridge fall down again?

I think during this election season we should pause to remember we are talking about politicians. The personality type that values popularity over logic, one that assumes that we wish they control our collective projects- because the politician believes they know what is best and are the most capable to do what we need done. The reality varies and we all have our opinions, my opinion is that we are doomed. A person who is arrogant, and simultaneously capable of ignoring important subjects that require rational debate, careful judgment, and foresight (that would be amazing) because they are unpopular or “off the radar” will lead us where ever a gut feeling of what the mob wants, or where personal gains will take this fearless leader. So we get free money because Santa has a printing press, and tomorrow well tomorrow will take care of itself. What we end up with is elections where all we care about is who is the least offensive of all these chosen ones. So remember go out and vote, you may not feel so insignificant in this whole process for an entire minute or two.

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