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Coraline Trailer-directed by Henry Selick and written by Neil Gaiman

I just got an endorsement for this trailer from Neil Gaiman in the form a tweet. The writer of such wonderful things as the Sandman, the very cool Hellblazer- Hold Me issue and many many more treats. Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and other animated features have created an interesting world animated for our pleasure, looks cool! Have to see it when it appears (febuary 6), if it ever does in the one horse town of College Station TX. Movie choices in the place are dismal. I have found trailers to be a bit depressing, I really enjoy the big screen with surround sound load enough to make your guts tingle. Some day…


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My friend Matt in Las Cruces caught some images of tornados near his workplace (click to get full size)-


New Mexico Matt: May 2007

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Happy solstice!!

Solstice roll ‘06

And at the time that the sun did shine on the Tropic
of Capricorn the Lord again did cast His dice and they
turned up a six and a four and yea, the darkness on
the face of the land did begin to shorten and the
light times did begin to lengthen.

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Happy Equinox


And when the time of the lesser light that ruled the
night did increaseth to equal the greater light that
ruled the day God did again cast the dice and they
were a five and a two and He did yelleth “CRAPS” for
that mutation did produceth the lineage which led to:

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Summer Begins!

I found this in my inbox:

And on the day that the sun did passeth its zenith the
Lord did again cast the dice, and one dice* did cometh
up three and the other was a two, and He saw that it
was good.

*Never say ‘die’!

With this attached:

God rolls a five

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