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Spoon video with dancing robots- "Don’t you evah”

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Internet Royalties Explained

David Byrne has a great explanation of internet radio royalties and their cost at his blog. I read his posts regularly, and occasionally listen to his stream, which is really good by the way; the guy is really smart and funny.

David Byrne Journal: 4.1.07: Your Government Working for You

Your Government Working for You
The Copyright Royalty Board is proposing a large increase in the performance royalty rates for “non-interactive streaming services”. This means web radio, cable radio and satellite radio will pay more to SoundExchange in royalties. Presumably those royalties eventually dribble down to the artists getting “played”, but it’s never that simple. It’s a little complex and difficult to understand but let me see if I can describe what is in the offing. (My own streaming web radio would be affected, and since I derive no income from it, that, among other things, makes this an issue of personal interest.)

Web radio is different than broadcast radio in that the hosting costs increase precisely as the listenership increases. With streaming web radio, information on the exact number of listeners accessing the stream at any given moment or period is available, and easy to obtain, unlike broadcast radio which is just out there and no one knows how many people are listening (so how do they determine ad rates?) The more listeners you have the more you pay in hard costs — some server’s gotta
host the stream. Of course stations like mine and the network of NPR stations that have no commercial revenue eventually run into a financial wall once that audience figure reaches a certain amount.


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Google 411

Google 411

I tried this in Roswell and it works, so I immediately replaced the directory assistance number on my phone to this FREE service.

1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)

Google Voice Local Search

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