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Mini Clubman S fuel consumption, first 25K miles

I drive a Mini Clubman S, I love the little thing. It drives great, easy to park in the city, and I can carry passengers comfortably. The problem is getting in and out of the back for larger people. Typically I drive with one other person so usually it is not an issue.

I like to keep track of my fuel consumption data to monitor fuel efficiency, and to see if gas stations and price make that much of a difference, and I use the recommended premium fuel. There are a couple receipts that were missed or lost, for those I averaged the surrounding data and filled it in, out of 66 tanks two were filled out this way. The total fuel cost to travel those miles was ~$2856.

Premium gasoline cost per gallon and cost of driving per mile

The cost to drive my Mini Clubman one mile with the cost of premium fuel per gallon.

The fuel efficiency has not changed over the one year I have been driving the vehicle. The jumps in efficiency are when I do my annual pilgrimage to the great southwest, this is where I am from and where I love to go back and see many many loved ones, and most importantly do some hiking and get some air! The slight increase in efficiency in recent months is due to moving to the city, so there are more highway miles. Chicago highway miles should have their own category IMO.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency with spikes during holiday trips.

One more chart, it highlights the increases in fuel cost as an increasing gap between the plot of monthly miles traveled,  and monthly fuel expenditure.

Monthly miles driven and cost

Miles driven per month, and monthly fuel costs.


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All my friends have earned some of these…

I stumbled upon a bunch of merit badges at “Science Creative Quarterly

Most dorks I end up hanging around with are ~Level III “I’ve set fire to stuff” the level III means “…fully aware of all the thermodynamic principles at play”.

level 3 fire

Adam Parkison is surely worthy of the I may look like a scientist but I’m actually also a ninja

ninja badge

we may all end up with the I work with way too much radioactivity, and yet still no discernable superpowers yet” badge.

radioactive, no super powers…YET

A cool badge/warning would be good for guys like Aaron and myself who have the ability to sap the fun out of a movie by pointing out why that was impossible- of course while simultaneously being cool with it if happens to be in movie we like.

Here is the link:

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Even OPEC is talking about peak oil now…


This is out of the OPEC Bulletin (Nov-Dec, 06)

If you want to see the whole document you can get it directly here (PDF). Bottom line, what everyone already knows is coming from all sources- the end of cheap oil is here.

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Lesson for today: Sloooow dooownn..

This sunday I tried to run another experiment, it ended with a “POOF”. I was ramping up the temperature and was somewhere in the neighborhood of 850 degrees F when it happened. My reading of Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Mother Night’ was rudely interrupted- so it goes.

exp 3 poof

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